Crema Catalana (Catalan Cream)

  • 500 ml
    Milk (whole)
  • 150 g
    Granulated Sugar
  • 1 pcs
    Lemon (zest)
  • 1 pcs
    Orange (zest)
  • 6 pcs
    Egg Yolks
  • 30 g
  • 1
    In a saucepan, heat milk and half of the sugar until it almost boils. Remove from heat and add lemon and orange zest.
  • 2
    In a separate bowl, whisk egg yolks with the remaining sugar until creamy. Slowly add cornstarch and mix well.
  • 3
    Gradually pour the hot milk mixture into the egg yolk mixture while stirring continuously.
  • 4
    Return the mixture to the saucepan and cook over low heat until it thickens, stirring constantly.
  • 5
    Remove from heat and pour the cream into individual ramekins. Let it cool, then refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Crema Catalana, also known as Catalan Cream, is a luscious and creamy dessert hailing from the beautiful region of Catalonia, Spain. This delightful custard-based treat is often compared to its French cousin, Crème Brûlée, but it boasts its own unique and exciting flavors that set it apart. With a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess from citrus zest, Crema Catalana has become a beloved dessert, not just in Spain but around the world.

What makes Crema Catalana truly special is the infusion of aromatic lemon and orange zest that elevates its flavor profile. The gentle citrus notes delicately cut through the rich creaminess, adding a refreshing twist to every spoonful. The silky-smooth texture combined with the tantalizing zest makes each bite a delightful journey for the taste buds.

Despite its sophisticated taste, Crema Catalana is surprisingly easy to make. It requires just a handful of simple ingredients, including whole milk, egg yolks, sugar, cornstarch, and of course, the essential lemon and orange zest. The magic happens when these humble ingredients are combined, cooked, and lovingly chilled to perfection.

One of the most iconic features of Crema Catalana is its caramelized sugar topping. Just before serving, a thin layer of sugar is evenly spread over the custard surface and caramelized with a blowtorch, creating a delectable crunchy layer that beautifully contrasts the creamy base. The crackling sound of the caramelized sugar is music to the ears, and each spoonful becomes a blissful symphony of flavors and textures.

Crema Catalana is a versatile dessert that suits a variety of occasions. Whether it’s a fancy dinner party or a casual family gathering, this dessert never fails to impress. Its elegant presentation and delightful taste make it a wonderful treat to end any meal on a high note.

Is a dessert that exudes both simplicity and sophistication. From its smooth and velvety custard base to the zesty citrus flavors and the delightful caramelized crunch on top, each element harmonizes to create a memorable dessert experience. Whether you’re a seasoned dessert enthusiast or a curious foodie, Crema Catalana is a must-try that will leave you craving more. Share the joy of this Catalan delight with your loved ones, and let the creamy goodness of Crema Catalana become a sweet memory cherished for years to come.